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The Jersey Curriculum 2014

Click on the following link to download The Jersey Curriculum in Primary Schools - A Parents' Guide

Our aim at Trinity is to provide a curriculum for children that is engaging, inspiring and exciting. We want our children to thrive on real-life, relevant and purposeful experiences that will enable them to succeed and reach their potential in all areas, making links to Jersey's rich and diverse cultural history and context.

Along with the New Jersey Curriculum comes new assessment procedures. Like England, there is still lots of uncertainty about what this will look like. The Department for Education, Sport and Culture has developed an assessment reporting procedure for all island schools. At Trinity we  continuously assess the children in terms of 'working towards',  'mostly achieving' and 'achieving' their year group objectives. At the end of the academic year Teachers make a judgement as to whether a child is emerging, developing or secure for their year group . Please bear in mind that children have a whole year to achieve an end of year expectation. As some content has been moved to a younger year group, it may take children longer to consolidate their learning of new concepts during this time of transition. 

Please click on this link to see a summary of changes for England's National Curriculum 2014.

Click on the subject tabs above to find further information/ objectives for each curriculum area.

Further links to useful information about England's  National Curriculum 2014:
(please note some of the content may not be relevant to Jersey)

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